A Complete Dental Practice and Profitability Management Software Solution

With 20 years of experience and nearly 30,000 installations, Dentrix is the undisputed leader in dental practice emanagement software and services. A complete practice and profitability management solution, Dentrix provides tight integration with time-saving electronic services.  Dentrix features the following components:

Dentrix Mobile – Enables dentists to use their mobile devices and smart phones to get fast, secure access to current information about patients, appointments, prescriptions and medical alerts— anytime, anywhere.

Dentrix Kiosk – Used in-office, Dentrix Kiosk allows patients to update their personal, medical, and insurance information, helping you to reduce errors and begin treatment sooner.

Dentrix Practice Advisor – This powerful new dental software tool helps dentists increase their profitability. With Dentrix Practice Advisor, dentists get easy-to-read reports to compare the financial and operational health of their practice to industry benchmarks to identify areas to quickly improve and increase profits.

Dentrix helps you and your staff:

  • Build a digital practice to improve productivity
  • Use the latest technology to improve the patient experience
  • Increase production by keeping chairs full
  • Save money in billing and collections
  • Enhance professional image

For an in-office Dentrix demonstration, call 1-800-DENTRIX or visit

eServices for Dentrix®
Automated Patient Communication Tools To Maximize Productivity

A key to the success of any dental practice is maximizing productivity. eServices for Dentrix boosts your front office productivity with powerful dental practice management software tools that allow your team to get more done in less time. The following are just a few of the tasks that can be completed faster and automatically with eServices for Dentrix:

  • Submitting patient insurance claims
  • Sending appointment reminders
  • Processing patient payments
  • Entering patient data

The automation and improved efficiency are made possible by eServices’ unparalleled integration with Dentrix. eServices are designed in tandem with Dentrix to create the most intuitive work flow possible. Your team is able to accomplish tasks in fewer steps and without leaving Dentrix.

To learn more about eServices for Dentrix call 1-800-DENTRIX or visit