At DentalSupplies.com, we understand that you may have some questions about our products. That’s why we have compiled our dental supplies FAQ, a list of the most common queries we receive.  If you have a question about our dental supplies that is not included here, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What’s the difference between simple stem and cone socket mirrors?
A: Cone socket mirror heads have a ledge or lip before the thread on the shank. Simple stem mirror heads have a shank that is straight.

Q: Do you have any dental supply that can get impression material from one tube to another?
A: Yes the number is 681-0969, which is a Lok-N-Reload coupler.

Q: Do you have anything that compares to MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate)?
A: The closest thing we now have is BIODENTINE by Septodont.

Q: How can you tell which types of handpieces swivel?
A: If it has threads on the back it is not a swivel.

Q: Do we have white crowns for kids?
A: Yes – we have Pedo Pearls. It is not in the Henry Schein Catalog. It is like the Java crowns only in pedo form.

Q: What is the difference between High Viscosity vs. Low Viscosity impression material?
A: High Viscosity is very thick and Low Viscosity is very thin so it flows easier.

Q: Do all brands of Cavitron Inserts fit all brands of Cavitron Units?
A: Yes, as long as it is either 25k or 30k.

Q: Which type of burs go into low-speed handpieces?
A: RA, LA, CA are all the same type of bur. Which they go into the latch-type slow-speed handpiece.